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JE–H(St)H…Bd FE180 1X2X0.8

Intended for the use in measurement and control systems in dry or damp premises and for fi xed installations on or under plaster. Suitable for hotels, hospitals, underground railways, airports etc. to protect people and technical building equipment in the event of fi re if circuit integrity is required (circuit integrity is only maintained if these cables are installed with specifi ed supporting elements). Not allowed for installations underground or in water. These cables are not UV-protected (UV-protection available on request only).

Rated voltage:
max. 225 Vss
Test voltage:
core/core:    500 V/50 Hz
core/screen:  2 kV/50 Hz
Temperature range:
laying temperature:  min. –5 °C
operating temperature
– fi xed:      –30 °C  to +70 °C
– in motion:   –5 °C to +50 °C
Bending radius (min.):
7.5 x D of cable
Core identifi cation:  
DIN VDE 0815
Fire properties:    
fl ame retardant: EN 60332-1-2
halogen-free, non-corrosive combustion gases: EN 50267-2-2
reduced fl ame propagation: EN 60332-3-24
low smoke emission: EN 61034-2
insulation integrity FE 180: IEC 60331-21, DIN VDE 0472-814
circuit integrity E 30 resp. E90: DIN 4102-12

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